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Raw coconut oil: discover a tip to take care of your feet. 

To my great surprise I discovered that coconut oil can be a real foot health care.

The last time I went for a pedicure, the podiatrist told me how difficult it was to remove the cuticles. You know, it's the little bit of skin that's on the edge of the nail. For the elderly, they can be a source of pain and infection.
Surprised to see that she uses coconut oil to massage the feet at the end of each session, I asked her if she was willing to try an experiment.

I suggested that she start massaging the contour of my nails with our raw coconut oil two days before our next appointment.
Two days later, we were both surprised to find that the oil had softened the skin and made the cuticles much easier to remove. Since then, she has been recommending this tip to her patients.
The reason? Coconut oil is naturally nourishing, antibacterial and antiseptic, making it an ideal foot care oil and a perfect ally if you have hard skin problems.

Our tip

Coconut oil is also very good for nourishing dry feet and limiting the formation of cracks in the heel. In the evening, after washing your feet, dry them thoroughly between the toes. Then coat and massage your feet with a little coconut oil. Put on a pair of cotton socks and keep them on all night long! Ok, it's not very sexy but this tip is terribly effective having baby feet! Do this treatment several days in a row or until you are satisfied with the appearance of your feet and then try to do it at least once a week preceded by an exfoliation !

Why not give it a try and share this tip with your loved ones and your podiatrist ?


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