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La Maison du Coco has been concerned for years about the quality and diversity of its entire product range, from waters and milks to oils and sugars.
This is why today we offer a unique and varied range of certified organic products for our consumers.

Organic Farming: our certificate

Organic for health

A study by an Agronomic Institute indicates that the average European citizen ingests almost 1.5kg of additives, pesticides and other undesirable compounds each year.

In addition to the role of pesticides in cancer development, it has also been shown that pesticides alter the nutritional composition of plants, destroying some or all of the vitamins they contain.

With organic, we work as much as possible with fresh products, largely unprocessed, optimally preserving the nutritional qualities of our raw materials.

All of our products are manufactured without additives, preservatives or synthetic chemical dyes. This gives them more flavour as well as nutritional richness.

Organic for the environment

Organic farming excludes the use of pesticides and limits the risk of GMO contamination ; it preserves the environment, natural resources and biodiversity.

EU farmers practicing organic farming:

  • Work in harmony with the ecosystem and natural cycles;
  • Preserve the condition of soil, water and plants and the health of animals;
  • Exploit responsibly-sourced energy and natural resources;
  • Improve biodiversity.

Organic for local development

Organic farming favours short distribution channels, direct sales and exchanges between producers and consumers. Operating in this way allows for better traceability and less pollution from transport.

Des produits certifiés bio équitables

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